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Course Description

The course teaches the student Uganda and English legal systems, Contract law, law of tort, business law, construction contracts and labour law.


  • To teach the student law of contracts and tort
  • To help the student analyse construction contracts

Course Outline

1.         Introduction                                                                                                                                   [10 CH]

  • Uganda and English legal systems
  • Passive, reactive and proactive characters.

2. Contract law                                                                                                                                             [10 CH]

  • Exportability of judgements,
  • Jurisdiction on bases of domicile,
  • Submission and propagation
  • International arbitration,
  • Torts and trusts,
  • Laizzare faire,
  • Contract documentation,
  • Negligence
  • FIDIC/ICE Conditions of contract,
  • Liquidated damages,
  • Extensions of time,
  • Money claims, damages, restitution, abortive contracts, indemnity, and arbitration.

3. Business law                                                                                                                                             [10CH]

  • Economic functions of companies,
  • Types of companies, incorporation, limited liability; corporate
  • Finance, raising capital, the stock exchange, insider dealing,
  • Corporate directors, take-overs, floating charges, insolvency. 

4. Construction contracts, procedures and dispute resolution                                [5CH]

  • Contract promotion,
  • Tendering procedures, (client, engineer and contractor),
  • Tender/contract documents; bills of quantities and methods of measurement,
  • Design-build practice

5. Labour law                                                                                                                                                [10 CH]

  • Forming contract of employment, employee’s rights and obligations,
  • Dismissal, unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and redundancy/retrenchment
  • Industrial action and Trade Union policy Demand analysis 

Learning Outcomes

The course will enable the student to:

  • Use law principals in the construction context
  • Draft documents with legal issues in mind

Method of Teaching/Delivery

The course will be conducted through lectures, tutorials and assignments. Basic lecture materials provided by the Lecturer will be supplemented by individual reading effort by students.

Assessment Method

Continuous assessment through assignments and tests, and final written examination. The final examination carry 60% of the total mark., while continuous assessment will carry a total of 40%.

Reading/ Reference Materials

  • W. V. H. ROGERS, Winfield & Jolowicz on Tort, 16th Edition, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 2002/ 17th Edition, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 2006.
  • JOHN MURPHY, Street on Torts, 12th Edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford,  2006.
  • GRAHAM STEPHENSON, Sourcebook on Torts, 2nd Edition, Cavendish Publishing Ltd. 2000.
  • MARKESINIS B. S. & DEAKIN S.F., Tort Law, 4th Edition, Claredon Press, Oxford, 1999.
  • JOHN G. FLEMMING, The Law of Torts, 9th Edition, 1998.
  • CLERK & LINDSELL On Torts, The Common Law Library No.3, 17th Edition, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1995.
  • E. VEITCH, East African cases on the Law of Tort, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1972.
  • HEYDON J. D., Economic Torts, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1973.
  • PAGE KEETON & RORERT KEETON, Tort Cases and Materials, American Casebook Series, West Publishing Co.
  • MUNKMAN JOHN, Employer’s Liability at Common Law, 7th Edition,   Butterworth    1971.


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