Course description:

This course covers alternative and renewable fuels derived from biological sources and their applications as an energy source for homes, industry and transportation.  Wood, urban and agricultural solid waste are discussed as potential sources of energy. Furthermore, knowledge of relevant fundamental aspects connected to the utilization of biomass and the biomass fractions of waste streams for energy purposes in thermo-chemical conversion processes are presented. The major areas are: combustion, gasification, pyrolysis and liquefaction of biofuels. The economic and environmental aspects of thermo chemical processes including energy efficiency, costs and environmental impact assessments, will be analyzed.  Future prospects of bio-fuels and bio-energy including both advantages and disadvantages of Bio-fuels as an energy source.

Course Objectives:

The aims of this course are to:

  • Give students a background for understanding thermo chemical processes
  • Provide students with in-depth knowledge of the relevant fundamental aspects connected to the utilization of biomass.
  • Expose the students to practical application of bioenergy conversion systems
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