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Clusters are a prominent feature on the landscape of every advanced economy, and cluster formation is an essential ingredient of economic development.  Clusters offer a new way to think about economies and economic development; new roles for business, government and institutions; and new ways to structure the business-government or business-institution relationship.  Dozens of cluster initiatives have sprung up in many parts of the world, and this course outlines some of the learning gleaned from both advanced and developing economies.


Course objectives:

The overall aim of the course is to improve an understanding of how local clusters can be transformed into local systems of innovation and how local clusters can be better connected to global actors. The students are supposed to draw out implications for policy and practice and provide guidance to governments, private sector associations, and non-governmental organizations like companies and business entities. It presents the science and facts behind industrial clusters and innovation systems as away of fostering high levels of production and innovation for competitiveness.

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