Course description:

Sustainable urban infrastructure systems are emerging as important issues in a rapidly changing urban environment where the world’s resource supplies can no longer match demand. In the midst of numerous other challenges, urban authorities need to realize that in order to provide a sustainable and high quality of life to local communities, optimal use of resources is of paramount importance. The increasing complexity and interconnectedness of civil and other interdependent infrastructure systems ( energy, cyber-infrastructures, etc.) require inter- and multidisciplinary expertise to create, manage and maintain sustainable infrastructure systems.



  • To develop an understanding of the increasing complexity and interrelationships of civil and other interdependent infrastructure systems (electric power, water supply, energy, cyber-infrastructures, etc.)
  • To develop an understanding of how urban infrastructure influence the growth, development and performance of cities
  • To learn how to apply sustainability principles in the conceptualization, implementation and management of critical urban infrastructure
  • To evaluate the roles/relationships between/among various professionals/actors involved in implementation and management of urban infrastructure systems
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