Programme Objectives

The overall objective of the programme is to produce highly skilled project management professionals in the construction industry with adequate knowledge to respond to the demands of the practical world.  The specific objectives of the programme can be summarized as follows:

  • To enable graduate students undergo a programme of upgrading and updating their technical knowledge in a specialized field of Construction Project Management;
  • To promote acquisition of advanced practical and demand driven skills in construction;
  • To equip professionals with expertise in the use of applied construction project management skills;
  • To produce a Graduate who can be manager of construction processes and projects;
  • To enable professionals to independently and effectively solve multi-faceted issues of the day to day activities in the construction field;
  • Produce graduates who are capable of continuing with Graduate studies i.e. can advance to do a Masters degree.

Target Group

As mentioned in Section 1 above, the demand for Construction professionals is increasing in Uganda. Proper management of construction is required in all government departments, NGOs and the private sector. This programme targets people who need to do graduate level training in order to become good managers in construction and those who wish to advance their knowledge in construction management. The list includes: graduate civil engineers, architects, construction managers, quantity surveyors, land economists and physical Planners, defence (Armed) Forces-Engineers Brigade, Police and so on. The target is to have 30 students for the PGD Programme.

Nature of Programme

The PGD (CPM) programme will be run as a day/evening programme with privately sponsored students. The duration of the day/evening programme will be one year spanning through two semesters and a recess term. The course also encourages those who will have successfully obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Project Management to continue within a period of 3 years of completing the Diploma and obtain a Master of Science degree in Construction Management.

Programme Duration

The minimum duration of the PGD (CPM) shall be one (1) year while the maximum shall be three (3) academic years.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees payable by the students will be based on whether a student is a Ugandan or an International Student as determined by the University from time to time. The tuition for fees for Ugandans will be UGX3,787,500 while for others it will be US$3,300.

General Programme Structure

Semester I
Core Courses
CIV7101 Advanced Mathematics 45 0 45 3
EMT7101 Computer Applications in Engineering 45 30 60 3
CIV7102 Environmental Studies 45 0 45 3
CMG7100 Project Management and Control 45 30 60 3
CMG7101 Construction Economics 45 0 45 3
Total Credit Units 15
Semester II
Core Courses
UPD7201 Research methodology and Scientific Writing 30 30 45 3
CMG7200 Advanced Construction Technology 45 0 45 3
CMG7201 Contracts Law and Management 45 0 45 3
CMG7202 Construction Business Management 45 0 45 3
CMG7203 Site Management and Practice 45 30 45 3
Total Credit Units 15
Recess Term
CMG 7301 Post Graduate Diploma Project Report 0 300 300 5
Total Credit Units 5


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Postgraduate Diploma in Construction & Project Management DOC PDF PS