Uganda Gatsby Trust

Uganda Gatsby Trust (UGT), registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 1994 under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Act 1989 (Uganda), received core funding support from Gatsby, Charitable Foundation in the UK since inception. The Trust is one of the four Trusts established in Africa with the aim of fostering linkages between the Faculty of Technology Makerere University and small scale and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Uganda Gatsby Trust undertook a number of projects since its inception which included; Gatsby Microfinance Limited (GMFL), Entrepreneur Clubs, Foundry, Garage, Hardware, Business development services, technology and innovations and scholarships and the Tree Bio-technology Project under Uganda Tree Resources Limited (UTRL). In 2019, UGT resolved to continue engaging in skilling student, other youth and Corporates entities by enhancing both practical and soft skills for industrial development and organisational growth. This skilling initiative would empower the youth and Ugandans with market-placed and work-readiness skills.

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