Uganda Gatsby Trust is a Non-Governmental Organization based at the Faculty of Technology, Makerere University, whose purpose is to support manufacturing and value adding businesses with the potential to grow. The Trust also implements activities aimed at introducing engineering students to the potential of SMEs for job creation and self-employment: These include:

Student Attachments

The Trust enables engineering students to be attached to small-scale enterprises for their industrial training. During industrial training the students are supervised by both the entrepreneur and a University staff. This enables students to appreciate the problems and potentials of the MSEs. As a result, some of them have started up their own micro-enterprises upon graduation and are creating jobs.

Student Projects

UGT supports final year engineering students to design and construct appropriate technology proto-types. UGT hopes to transfer the technology thus develop the small sector through the Gatsby Centre for Enterprise Promotion (GCEP).

Gatsby Scholarships

The Gatsby Scholarship Scheme was launched in 2004 to sponsor bright engineering students who have not been able get the Government Scholarship. The scheme takes on 16 students eachyear and provides them with tuition, scholastic materials, and transport, welfare and accommodation expenses.

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