Architecture student’s designs of the western gate

The Vice Chancellor , Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe and members of the University management pose for a picture with Architecture students that made artistic designs of the western gate, Monday 28th March 2023, in Council Room

Four second year Architecture students presented Artistic impressions of the designs of the University’s Western Gate to the members of the University management, Tuesday 28th March 2023 in the Council Room

The best rated designs as shown above were by Mr. Ronald Muhanguzi.  The other students that participated in the exercise included Mr. Kisekwa Joseph, Mr. Ampeire Muzoora and Mr. Jjuuko George William.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe (L) and Deputy Vice Chancellor DVCFA Prof. Henry Alinaitwe listen to the student presentations.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe commended the students for the effort and energy in undertaking the task.  He said this was one way through which the students were giving back to the university that is nurturing them for greater heights.

‘These are second years! we are really proud of you.  You will address the comments made from here and will be guided by your supervisors to make improvements in the designs’ said the Vice chancellor.

During the discussions, members advised the students to use images of people that are African in their drawings to make it more realistic and to localize the drawings.

The Vice Chancellor, a professional Architect himself noted that the students took cognizance of the fact that the place where the gate is located was vibrant, with a hive of activity and therefore dusty and this prompted them to choose the materials wisely.

He observed that they had taken care of the university colors as well as taking care of the vision of the gate at night as seen in the use of the lights in the design. Other factors that were considered included the flow of traffic and the pedestrians which he described as important.

Prof. Henry Alinaitwe, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in Charge of Finance and Administration as well as Principal, College of Engineering, Design, Art and technology(CEDAT) said the work by the students was an indication of what students can add in terms of value to the University.

He said it was important that the designs took care of the maneuverability of traffic from up and the two accesses from CEDAT and Lumumba Hall and pointed out the need for expansion.  He said there was also need to consider the high numbers of the pedestrians especially during the morning given that the area was quite busy.

During the deliberations by members present, other issues were raised with the intention of further improvements of the designs.  These included consideration of the BodaBodas which as seen at the Main gate were bound to congest the entrance at the gate unless provision was made for them to park or drop passengers.  Also mentioned was the need to have access control for the pedestrians by use of turning gates as well as ensuring adequate drainage for the roof.

The team of four at the presentations

Members present in the meeting unanimously agreed to formerly recognize the student effort and output in appreciation for the good job done.