Dr. Geofrey Bakkabulindi
Dr. Geofrey Bakkabulindi at his PhD defense

Geofrey Bakkabulindi, a lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has today May 9, 2014 successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Planning Of Low-Cost Electricity Distribution Networks for Rural Electrification” .

The study sought to find models for planning low cost Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) distribution networks for rural electrification. SWER lines supply single phase power by using the earth itself as the current return path, as opposed to a neutral return conductor. This results into considerable cost savings on conductors, poles and pole-top hardware.

SWER, however, has challenges in regard to voltage regulation and safety. It is these challenges that the research set out to address. The proposed models are based on both heuristic and exact optimization methods. The research is applicable to the planning of low cost grid-extension to rural areas, the electrification of isolated mini-grids and the upgrade of existing SWER lines.

Congratulations to Dr Bakkabulindi.




  1. Dr. Julius Butime
  2. Dr. Mackay Okure
  3. Dr. Peter Lating
  4. Dr. Vincent B. A Kasangaki


  1. Prof. Izael P. Da Silva, Makerere University
  2. Prof. Eriabu Lugujjo, Makerere University
  3. Prof. Mikael Amelin, KTH- Sweden
  4. Prof. Lennart Soder, KTH- Sweden

Doctoral committee

  1. Dr.  Dorothy Okello
  2. Prof. Izael P. Da Silva
  3. Prof. Eriabu Lugujjo
  4. Dr Butime Julius
  5. Dr. Richard Okou