On Friday 10th march 2012, at the National Theatre, some members of staff and students of the   College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology showcased research projects that were a result of collaboration between the Italian Cooperation and CEDAT. This was at the “Celebrating Womanhood Festival and Festival Italiano”, a festival that featured music, dance, storytelling performances, Hip – Hop, Comedy Shows, Poetry, Debates and Discussions, Exhibitions, Film Screenings, Scientific Cooperation, Networking and Business Expositions, Italian culture and the participation of Italian NGO’s and Italian Community.

The theme of the day on 9th March 2012 was dedicated to Scientific Cooperation between Italy and Uganda with the participation of Makerere University, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology.

CEDAT has been a beneficiary of funding from the Italian Cooperation and this funding has gone towards research and innovations. During the Festival research such as Appropriate Technology for SME’s, a project whose prime goal was to design a wind energy system that can be used for water pumping on a sustainable basis in rural areas with no access to grid electricity; Technology for Agricultural Mechanization and Improved Charcoal making methods using Casamance Kiln and the Small Scale Lime Project, which was set out to assess the performance of the small scale lime burning processes and design and construct energy efficient model kilns. Other projects exhibited included Challenges to Sustainability of Small-Scale Biogas Technologies in Uganda and Technology for Agricultural Mechanization.

The principal of the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology, Assoc. Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe during a video interview conducted by officials from the Italian Cooperation thanked the Italian government for cordial relationship they have had with the College. He continued to state that the collaboration has been smooth and of mutual benefit to both parties.The day’s event, attended by many officials from Uganda and Italy together with the students from different Universities and Secondary schools was in Celebration of the long standing partnership that existed between the Italian Cooperation and the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology, which started as far back as 1988.

Even though the funding to the College has come to an end, Italian Ambassador, H.E Stefano A. Dejak mentioned during his visit to the College in November 2011 that he is interested in continuing and growing the corporation that the college already has with Italy in the areas of engineering, design, construction and Architecture.

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