CEDAT Graduation Statistics 2023

Graduands from the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology on 17th February 2023 during the 73rd Makerere University graduation Ceremony

No.Graduation Statistics 2023No. of graduates 
1Doctor of Philosophy1455 Ph.Ds
2Bachelor of  Architecture62329                              Bachelors 597
3BSc. in Computer  Engineering22224
4BSc. in  Construction Management102636
5BSc. in Land Surveying and Geomatics62632
6BSc in Surveying011
7 BSc. in Mechanical Engineering86068
8 BSc. in Quantity Surveying172946
9BSc. in Telecommunications Engineering422          26
10Bachelor of Urban and Regional  Planning81826
11BSc. in  Electrical Engineering124961
12 BSc. in Civil Engineering223953
13 BSc. in  Land Economics171522
14 Bachelor of  Industrial and Fine Arts8687173
15 MSc. in Telecommunications Engineering13839                          Masters  120
16MSc. in Mechanical Engineering011
17MSc in Renewable Energy235
18MSc. in Technology Innovation and  Industrial Development235
19MSc in Urban Planning and Design246
20MSc. in Construction Management51924
21MSc. in Power Systems Engineering055
22MSc. in Civil Engineering268
23Master of Engineering (Civil)011
24MSc.in  Geo- Information  Science and Technology121224
25Master of Arts in Fine Art123
26Post Graduate  Diploma in Urban Planning and Design246    PGDs 18
27Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Project Management21012