Bicycle project:

Here is your chance to cycle for fun and health

UN-Habitat through Uganda Sustainable Transport Network brings you a chance to cycle for health or fun.

All this is absolutely free. The bicycles are located at the CEDAT parking lot. All you need is your Identity card. You can take the bicycle for a maximum of one hour.

This project will enable our students and staff exercise and have “new and great ideas” by reducing on inactivity levels. It will also provide safe and organised parking for those that already have bikes.

This is a pilot project and something new in the country. Makerere University is the first in East Africa to house such a project. There are several such projects in Spain, France, Britain, USA, and in Africa, some have been spotted in South Africa.

Health Benefits of Cycling  

  • Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise
  • It builds strength and muscle tone
  • Cycling increases muscle tone
  • It builds stamina
  • Cycling improves cardio-vascular fitness
  • Cycling eats up calories
  • Cycling improves heart health
  • Cycling improves coordination
  • Cycling reduces stress

Here are the terms and conditions:


Terms and Conditions

  1. All borrowed bicycles are property of UST-Network
  2. Borrowing is only done between 8:00 am and 6:00 Pm
  3. Borrowing is only possible from Monday till Saturday (This is to allow for maintenance of the bikes on Sundays)
  4. You MUST know how to ride. UST-Network and its partners are not liable to any injuries suffered as a result of learning
  5. Abide by the traffic rules and regulations, as stipulated in the Road Safety and Traffic Regulations Act of Uganda
  6. You MUST mind the safety of other road users
  7. You MUST be a student or staff of CEDAT, Makerere University, and you need to present your original ID card for verification, and its photocopy, every time you borrow the bike. A valid driving license is also acceptable.
  8. Usage of the borrowed bike is only permitted within Makerere University Campus
  9. You are advised NOT to over speed nor race
  10. Bike usage for the first one hour is free of charge. You will be charged UGX 2000, for any extra hour. This is to ensure that ALL have an opportunity to share the bike
  11. The bikes will be issued on a “first come first served” basis, but female users will be given priority
  12. All bikes must be returned on the rack by 6:00 Pm
  13. Mind the safety of the bike. You are advised against abandoning the bike.
  14. For health reasons, kindly consult your doctor if you should ride or not.
  15. For your own safety, do NOT drink and  ride the bicycle
  16. You MUST be 18 years old or above.
  17. UST-Network and its partners shall not be liable for any injury howsoever arising from the use or associated use of the bicycle or cycling in general whether such injury be a result of negligent use of the bicycle, lack of knowledge to ride, poor health of the rider, or whatever other cause.



“Enjoy cycling within Campus; for health, fun, convenience and save your environment”



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