Dr Angelo Kakande admitted as Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Angelo Kakande, the Chair of the Department of Industrial Art and Applied Design, has been admitted to Illinois State University as a Fulbright Scholar.

Illinois State, through the Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program, put out a call for an African scholar to teach in the School of Art. Dr. Kakande answered that call and was appointed visiting lecturer from Uganda.

Dr. Kakande’s work interrogates how art serves to defend individual and collective rights in the face of political oppressions. His current research revolves around art, human rights, and development in Uganda, investigating the ways in which artistic forms like buildings reflect political landscapes.

“I expressed exactly what I wanted to come teach and why, and the search committee and I produced the faculty to teach the course I’m teaching,” Kakande said. “My visit to the University helped to create a continuation of a curriculum that speaks to the African diaspora. It was a wonderful and productive experience.”