DSC_1600-1000The Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art, together with History in Progress Uganda on 14th May 2015 opened a unique Photography exhibition and launched two books, Ebishushani 2 and Ebishushani 3, showcasing work from two Ugandan photographers: Musa Katuramu and Elly Rwakoma.

Musa Katuramu, 1913-1986, was a carpenter, a constructor of houses and a teacher. On top of all of that, he owned, probably from the late 1930s onwards, a photo camera that he used to portray people and moments in time around him. He was at times commissioned to do this but on many occasions, it was his own initiative. Musa’s son Jerry Bagonza held on to and maintained his father’s photographs, giving us the opportunity to look into a past that has mostly been photographed by outsiders. The publication Ebishushani 2, People Poses Places is fully devoted to Musa Katuramu’s work.

Elly Rwakoma, born 1937, was a teacher by training, a social worker, photo-journalist and businessman. He ran a studio in Jinja and Bushenyi. He was part of the team of presidential photographers from Obote I up to the early days of Museveni’s rule with only a brief break at the end of Amin’s era. Elly tells his own stories with the photographs he took, which adds significant value to what can be seen.

HIP Uganda looks for, digitizes and shares photo collections in Uganda. The images can be found on their website www.hipuganda.org, on their facebook page www.facebook.com/HIPUganda  and in publications and exhibitions like this one. The exhibition was curated by Andrea Stultiens with the help of Rumanzi Canon, Robinah Nansubuga and the Makerere Art Gallery team.

The books People, Poses, Places – Musa Katuramu and All the Tricks – Elly Rwakoma are the second and third part of the book series called Ebifananyi/Ebishushani published by History In Progress Uganda. Both words are equivalents of the English word ‘images’ in Luganda and Runyankole respectively. Each book of this series is focusing on one specific photo collection and/or photographer in Uganda

The photo exhibition which was opened on Thursday will run up to 6th June 2015, at the Makerere Art Gallery.

For More Pictures of Ebishushani, please visit our Gallery


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