The Academic Records Management System (ARMS) Project funded through the Presidential Initiative on Technology Innovations is an engineering research entity committed to the successful development of high-quality and reliable web systems. The ARMS Project has now developed a Mobile Phone Client for its Student Portal (SP) Online Service Centre. The client aims at enabling the Student Community to easily access their most needed services from anywhere using a Mobile Phone with Internet access. In so doing, the ARMS Project is fronting the handiness of the Student Portal (SP) services like Efficient Online Registration, Online Student Evaluation of Teaching, Online Students’ Informer Services, and Grading, using the most widely available device in the university. The ARMS Project is aware that leveraging the emerging technologies in mobile communications shall go a long way in availing ARMS SP services in a compatible and optimized format on the mobile phone, for the benefit of the student community. You may download the entire press release here Attachments

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