Seven Architecture Students Awarded

Seven Architecture with Prof. Josaphat K. Byamugisha, the Director Makerere University Hospital and Dr. Kenneth Ssemwogerere a Lecturer from CEDAT at the end on the right

Seven Architecture students from the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT), together with their tutors were awarded with plaques in appreciation of the commendable work done in the design of several proposals for the new Makerere University Hospital. The students did this as part of the mandatory design portfolio assignment.

Prof. Josaphat K. Byamugisha, the Director Makerere University Hospital awards Dr. Kenneth Ssemwogerere

Prof. Josaphat K. Byamugisha, the Director Makerere University Hospital handed over the tutors’ plaques to Dr. Arch. Kenneth Ssemwogerere, who received Dr. Arch. Assumpta Nnaggenda Musana’s plaque as well. The tutors are Senior Lecturers in the Department of Architecture and Physical Planning. The seven students also received plaques at an event held in at the University hospital yesterday 12th May 2022.

‘Uganda has talent, we need to build it and blow it out’ said Prof. Byamugisha during the event. He expressed his appreciation to the Architecture students for the commendable work done under the supervision of their tutors. He said that the genesis of the project was when the students came in and expressed the need to do something in the hospital, and the product in the form of the designs for the improvement of the University hospital were exceeding any imagination.

Prof. Josaphat K. Byamugisha

Prof. Byamugisha said that the designs as presented by the students were very impressive and pledged to involve the students in the upcoming project of the design and construction of the University teaching Hospital, whose funding had been received by the University.

‘Some of you are unaware of how people perceive you in society. You have come out to show who you are, propelling yourselves to greater heights said the visibly overjoyed and impressed Director, in the company of other staff of the University Hospital.  He said that there were plans to improve the University Hospital in all aspects.

Mr. John Bosco Mulwana who represented the Head, Department of Architecture and Physical Planning at CEDAT, Dr. Amin Tamale Kiggundu noted that the designs by the students were a good product coming out of collaboration between the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology and the College of Health Sciences.

Mr. John Bosco Mulwana standing

He commended the management for the effort geared towards the transformation of the Hospital. ‘Congratulations to the Director and Management of the hospital for this wonderful engagement that involved Architecture students in the process of the hospital’s growth, he said

He applauded Drs. Kenneth Ssemwogerere and Assumpta Nnaggenda Musana the tutors of the students for the good job especially in community outreach that enabled the students to learn practically. He in turn congratulated the students for achieving this milestone in their academic journey and fulfilling the requirement for a project.

Mr. Mulwana noted that Architecture like medicine is a five year program which is very engaging and practical both in academics and practice out in the field. He said this synergy was therefore mutually beneficial to all the parties especially the students.

Dr. Kenneth Ssemwogerere, a Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Physical Planning

Dr. Kenneth Ssemwogerere said that he too as a supervisor was excited by the incredible work done by the students during this time when Makerere University is commemorating 100 years. He said that the idea of the students coming in to do some work with the University hospital followed his visit to the Hospital to get a Covid-19 Vaccination and the way he was handled, which proved that there was talent and professionalism at the Hospital despite the prevailing limited space conditions

In the initial stages he said, students in the Department of Geomatics and Land Management at CEDAT did a topographic survey of the University Hospital’s land in 2021 led by Dr. Lydia Mazzi Kayondo together with Dr. Amin Tamale Kiggundu and therefore the designs as presented by the students were definite and could fit in the hospital’s context. 

Dr. Ssemwogerere emphasized the need for such collaboration among varied programs offered at the college levels as well as between colleges in the University as a whole in order to promote the required synergies for the University to churn out better products.

Currently in fourth year, seven Architecture students were awarded by the University Hospital for projects they accomplished in year 3 in 2021. Those awarded included: =

  • Charles Kalungi
  • Andrew Alexander Ampeire
  • Stephen Muliika
  • Susan Bashemerirwe
  • Edmond Waya
  • Joshua Agaba Afema
  • Nuella Amaza Moyoa