The Inaugural CEDAT College Guild Council (CGC)

The Inaugural CEDAT College Guild Council (CGC) was on Friday 12th May 2023 sworn in at a ceremony held in the CEDAT Board room.

Kabugho Abudrahman, the Chairperson CEDAT College Guild Council (CGC)

According to the Chairperson, Kabugho Abudrahman, the CGC will handle issues concerning the welfare of students.  He said although the outgoing leaders only served for a period of three months from December 2022 to March 2023, they left a legacy that will serve as a starting point for the incoming team.

He highlighted some of the achievements realized that included having the association registered with the Ministry of Justice, organizing an event with the Professional world, Uganda National Bureau of Standards, conducting the College gala and embarking on the use of the TV screens at CEDAT to advertise student activities.

He extended his appreciation to the College Leadership for working closely with the leaders in addressing the student concerns.   He said the team was overwhelmingly voted into office and was eager to work towards the release of what is due to the students through mutual negations with the college leadership.

The Principal, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology Prof. Henry Alinaitwe

The Principal, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology Prof. Henry Alinaitwe said students were the reason as to why the college exists.   He said as GRCs, they were represented at the key management organs at the College like the Academic and Administrative Boards. 

He urged them to ensure that they maintain the legacy where CEDAT attracts the best students in physical sciences and art by avoiding involvement in bad things like strikes rather engage through dialogue and explanations to the students.

On the concern of delayed payment of student allowances, Prof. Alinaitwe said CEDAT had the biggest number of students affected who are on Government sponsorship.  He explained that this was getting addressed although beyond the anticipated timing.

‘what you are doing here are building blocks to your career. I wish to thank the outgoing team for the contribution you made and urged the incoming team to follow hierarchy and take cognizance of the fact that leadership is a sacrifice.

 The meeting that was attended by some of the College leaders that included Dr. Abubaker Matovu Waswa, the Head, Electrical Department as well as Assoc. Prof. Anthony Gidudu, the Dean, School of the Built Environment, Assoc. Prof. Dorothy Okello, Dean, School of Engineering.

In their counsel to the student leaders, the respective leaders congratulated them for assuming the positions they hold.  They were urged to get acquainted with all the information and polices that govern the University in order to give the needed guidance adequately. 

‘you are a bridge between management and the students, we are in this together, be our ambassadors, be the type of students to inspire the next generation of leaders, counselled Dr. Gidudu.

The leaders were reminded of the fact that the actions they take go beyond the University. We want you to prosper, lift Makerere university flag high and all our doors are open to you all the time, he said.

Dr. Dorothy Okello, on her part noted that the leaders were able to win the hearts of their electorates and urged them to use this as a golden opportunity that will enable them learn a lot while still students before they make costly decisions.    She encouraged them to be the bridge before issues escalate and be mindful of t heir leadership styles.

She said management was happy that already the student leaders were giving feedback to the respective offices but urged them to ensure they seek details of issues at hand, identify the gaps and where possible help in seeking out simple solutions.

Dr. Okello urged the incoming leaders to help student in need get services from the counselling and guidance center as one of the ways through which they will ensure a healthy student community at CEDAT.

The team that was sworn in included the following;

  1. Chairperson- Kabugo Abudrahman

2. Vice Chairperson- RINAH NIWENSIIMA


4. General Secretary- KYOLABA MARIA

5. Finance Secretary- NALUGO JANE DOROTHY

6. Academics Secretary- AKAMPA MARTIN

7. Sports Secretary- NAMBOKO EMMANUEL

8. Projects Secretary- OYEET ERIDADI

9. Publicity Secretary- WASWA BRIAN