The Trail Students Challenge by VINCI Construction

Today’s world is faced with a number of challenges, including significant growth in the global urban population and increasing transportation requirements in a context of new climate and environmental issues.

Buildings and infrastructure alone account for 40% of energy consumed and greenhouse gas emissions produced worldwide. And this means that they are at the heart of energy transition and urban resilience efforts.

The construction sector has to take action to overcome these new challenges, and new technologies will undoubtedly be one aspect of the answer – digitalized project design and construction using digital models (BIM – Building Information Modelling), the introduction of robots to construction sites, and 3D printing of construction materials are just a few examples of these innovative technologies.

It is hence with great pride and pleasure that we inform you today of the launch of The Trail, Vinci Construction’s student challenge.

This international competition is structured into two events:

  • Part 1: an online challenge of creativity and innovation from now and March 18th, 2018, designed to tackle the question of “Imagining tomorrow’s Construction World”.
  • Part 2: an outdoor sporting challenge occurring in Annecy, France, on May 17th and 18th, 2018, for candidates nominated per country (the French opening will take place on April, 18th, 2018).

Students’ skills and level of expertise have been recognized and highly regarded by trainers. We thus hope that this Challenge will be given their full attention and will inspire them to express their talents.

All students interested in taking part in this challenge are welcome to submit their proposals in the following areas: 

  • The construction site of the future
  • Sustainable construction & resilience
  • Cities above and under cities

Are you a student with ideas on how to transform the world of construction? Whatever your background or specialism, put together a team and take part in the first “The Trail by VINCI Construction” challenge by developing an ambitious project that will take the construction industry to the next level.

If your team is chosen, you’ll all be invited to a 2-day final  featuring a sports challenge – with other teams from all over the world!

For more information, visit VINCI