Universal Health Coverage Art Competition

competeBackground and rationale: Since the World Health Report 2010, universal health coverage has received increased policy attention worldwide. Though the goal of achieving universal health coverage (UHC) has been widely acclaimed and is reinforced in several national and international forums, the contours of the debate have been disparate. Though universal health coverage has received significant political attention in Uganda, there is a danger of limiting the debate to a question of financing and providing of medical services. We argue that the current debate about universal health coverage should draw critical attention to (re) prioritization of primary healthcare, health system governance, and health equity. We must keep health and its determinants in mind rather than medical care alone. Uganda and other countries are moving towards operationalizing UHC. The objective of this ART competition is to capture multiple interpretations of UHC using an artistic lens. We want the world to see UHC through your eyes and mind.

Who can enter this competition: This competition is open to all interested parties.

Categories to submit:

Submissions can be submitted as Photographs, Cartoons or Drawings.

Submissions: Artistic impressions should be:

  • Original pieces.
  • Bear a one-line statement depicting the artist’s interpretation of UHC.
  • A single submission is allowed for each entrant in any of the categories.

How to submit:

All submissions should be soft copies.


Drawings: These should be the size of an A1 as shown below.

  A1:  594 x 841 mm        23.4 x 33.1 inches

: These should be the size of an A5 as shown below

Cartoons: 148mm x 210mm         5.8 x 8.3inches.

Where to submit:

Soft copies: Email as attachments to photocontest@musph.ac.ug (Strictly jpg and png formats)

Submission Deadline: 30th June 2017

Judging the ART submissions: Submissions will be judged based on popular vote. Voting will take place on the SPEED website immediately after closure of submission, In order to ensure that your work is judged on talent alone, your name, age, gender, and background will not be made available online. The only information we will have available online is the title, size, category and artists’ statement about the piece of art and its relation to UHC. Contestants can however lobby for votes from their constituencies.

Awards: Three cash prizes will be given in each of the categories above:

  1. First prize in each category – 1, 200,000 shs
  2. Second prize in each category – 700,000 shs
  3. Third prize in each category – 350, 000 shs

For more information, visit http://speed.musph.ac.ug/art/