Makerere Architecture Students Association


1989 saw the birth of the beginning of an end. An end to the lack of a home based training ground for a very important breed of professionals. Professionals who would change the face of the country, professionals without whom Uganda would simply continue to be a faceless protectorate.

1989 saw the birth of the Makerere University Department of Architecture. Architecture is a self build course, one must learn by oneself, build oneself and make oneself. Top emphasis is placed on self build, with the tutors coming in to guide this self drive.

It was therefore important to have the student voice heard and adhered to, and with this in mind, 1993 saw the birth of MAKERERE ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (MASA). MASA is a student led body that bridges the student – administration gap and strives to have both parties in sync.

Strategic Goals

  1. Creating a correlation and cooperation between other universities and ours, namely Kyambogo and Nkozi Universities. Merge both the students and there lecturers, also attend there open days.
  2. Design a magazine owned and run by the students body pertaining details about architecture, there experiences and expectations. Free styling there design interests.
  3. Organizing a top notch Open day inviting other universities for the sake of exposure and sharing talent.
  4. All in all, be a difference in the Architectural student’s body in leadership, organization and change; also create a camaraderie others should follow.

MASA Today

‘The purpose of life is not to be happy, the purpose of life is to matter, to be productive, to have it make some difference that you lived at all’ – Arthur H Prince.With the current trend and state of affairs of the world, a very important breed of people is at risk of extinction. Result oriented, principaled, selfless, honest, peace loving people face extinction today. MASA today is out to test the limits. MASA is out to squeeze every spec of value out of what comes our way.

In design, emphasis is placed on the two things that make this world_ the human and the environment. East Africa, being one of the few regions with the best climate worldwide, emphasis is placed on synchronized utility of the environment and context to design life changing products and shelter for the world.

MASA also engages in social responsibility such as disabled conscious design, design for low income earners living in informal settlements, to mention but a few. The family of MASA does every possible activity together, be it ‘home running’ (trans-nighting), partying, praying, and even residing together.

MASA is essentially the basic unit of a country– A FAMILY, which together will change the face of the world!

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