University of Kessel, Germany seeks collaboration with CEDAT in the area of Sustainable Mobility

(R-L) Prof. Dr.  Angela Francke with CEDAT staff.

The College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology hosted staff from University of Kessel Germany that were at the college for purposes of seeking out possible partnerships.

During a meeting held in the College Boardroom on Friday October 13th, 2023, the team comprised of Prof. Dr.  Angela Francke, Head of Department for Cycling and Sustainable Mobility and Azeb Tesfaye Legese interacted with a cross section of members of the academia.  During the meeting, it was indicated that the visit was aimed at finding possible collaboration in sustainable mobility through student and staff exchanges and many more feasible options available.

Prof. Dr.  Angela Francke

 While giving a background about her University, Prof. Dr.  Angela Francke said the University of Kassel
was relatively young having been established in 1971 with a focus on sustainable mobility. ‘We need many partners especially on sustainable mobility.  There is a huge potential for collaboration since this is a virgin area that requires a lot of capacity building’ she said.
She proposed that the collaboration could start on some short courses on active mobility or by offering African countries opportunities for PhD students
joint workshops and conferences on active mobility and that this could eventually be expanded to regional level in order to share knowledge.

it was agreed that the areas of collaboration between Makerere University and University of Kessel with regard to active mobility would include staff joint publications, joint proposal development under the Erasmus+ call, as well as exchange of lecturers.

For students at Bachelors and Masters levels, it was proposed that student exchanges could be undertaken for one semester at the respective Universities. The next steps therefore were to nominate two students to be involved in the exchange in the coming semester.