Title: Evaluation of EGM08 in Uganda: Preliminary Results
Authors: R. Ssengendo, L.E. Sjoberg, A. Gidudu
Keywords: EGM08, geoid, ellipsoidal and orthometric heights, GNSS/levelling
Issue Date: August 2011
Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the preliminary evaluation results of the new Earth Gravitational Model (EGM08) in Uganda. The evaluation was based on a network of 12 GNSS/levelling points in Kampala and was performed in point wise (absolute) and relative (varying baselines) sense. For completeness the evaluation tests were also performed for EGM96. Our preliminary results were inconclusive as in the absolute tests, EGM96 was unexpectedly significantly better than EGM08. However, in the relative tests, EGM08 was consistently better than EGM96 for all baseline lengths considered. Subsequently further tests with much higher density and distribution than our test network should be carried out to conclusively determine the best global model for geodetic applications in Uganda.
Presented at: The first Conference on Advances in Geomatics Research- 2011


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