Factors affecting the Productivity of Building Craftsmen

Title: Contractors’ Perspective on Critical Factors for Successful Implementation of Private Public Partnerships in Construction Projects in Uganda 
Authors: Henry Alinaitwe, Jackson A. Mwakali , Bengt Hansson
Keywords: labour, productivity, factors, developing countries, building sector, craftsmen
Issue Date: 2007

Poor productivity of construction workers is one of the causes of cost and time overruns on construction projects. The productivity of labour is particularly important especially in developing countries where most of the building construction work is still on manual basis. This paper reports on a survey made on project managers of building projects in Uganda where increase in productivity is being sought. Respondents were required to rate using their experience the way 36 factors affect productivity with respect to time, cost and quality. The survey was carried out through a questionnaire and responses received over a period of three months. The ten most significant problems affecting labour productivity were identified as incompetent supervisors; lack of skills from the workers; rework; lack of tools/equipment; poor construction methods; poor communication; inaccurate drawings; stoppages because of work being rejected by consultants; political insecurity; tools/equipment breakdown; and harsh weather conditions. Although lack of materials is ranked highest with regard to average rating on loss of time, it was not ranked among the top ten using the importance index that takes into account time, cost as well as quality of the work. The policy makers and researchers should focus on the identified major factors in order to improve on productivity.

Published in: Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 2007, Vol XIII, No 3, 169-176


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