Title: Segregation Ideology and Town Planning in Uganda
Authors: Fredrick Omolo-Okalebo
Keywords: segregation ideology, town planning, power
Issue Date: August 2011
Abstract: This paper analyses and describes the historic trajectory of town planning ideology in vogue in Kampala, Uganda since the inception of planning in 1903. Through a descriptive and exploratory approach, and by review and deduction of archival and documentary resources, supplemented by empirical evidence from case studies, this paper elaborates how segregation ideology that resulted from health concerns and the mosquito theory, and the need to provide colonial administrators and early settlers with an ‘comfortable’ and attractive living environment similar to that in Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth century was used in town planning visibly during the colonial period and ‘unconsciously’ after independence.
Presented at: The first Conference on Advances in Geomatics Research (2011)


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