The Public Private Partnership (PPP) Act 2015 in Uganda came in force in October, 2015 and the Government of Uganda has already started implementing projects under this arrangement and more are in the pipeline like the Kampala-Jinja Expressway.

The process of preparing a PPP from its inception through to final project closure is quite a complex one that requires all persons involved to be well knowledgeable of the integrities of the arrangement especially on the Government side in addition to the regulatory framework being in place. Hence the need for a very structured and sustainable manner to promote PPP training in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

An extensive review of the existing Legal frameworks reveals a cross cutting definition of a Public Private Partnerships (PPP) as a “Performance-based transaction between the Public sector and the private sector where the private party supplies public services over a specified period, and acquires the use of the property for the purposes of executing the agreement; assumes substantial financial, technical and operational risks in connection with the performance of the function of use of the property; or receives a benefit for performing the function through payment from the Public party or charges or fees collected by the private party from the users of the infrastructure or service of both”.


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