IFA 3112 Drawing (Special) III Anatomy

Course Description

Individual problems researched and executed indicating mastery and growth of the individual’s approach to the drawing media, surfaces, techniques and concepts.

Prerequisite: 2113

Course Objectives:

  • To strengthen the students’ ability to interpret written text, oral story or field day to day activities into self explanatory illustrations.
  • To build confidence and independence in terms of planning, ideas and self motivation
  • To enable the students develop a sense of breadth i.e the students’ interaction with people in different environment and characters gives him/her opportunity to share with them the real field experience!
  • To develop the students keenness to observe with purpose and ability to sketch/ thaw motion objects (action).The course is divided into course units/topics; Concepts and skills shall be explored in studio arranged life drawing i.e. portraiture, animal and human anatomy; Identification of themes for the final projects obtained from published or non- published oral traditions and environmental concerns, social, political issues based on mass media; Field sketching and visual interpretations, of written text; Internalization and final execution of field ideas into a well studied final project.
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