Course Description

The process of Preparation for exhibition, developing a theme for exhibition, selection of artworks for exhibition, cataloguing design, budgeting for exhibition. Preparation for display, mounting, finishing touches, techniques of display, combination of frames and art works, choice of display.

Choice of mounting material. Framing, creation of stands in mounting of works, glazing, waxing, space usage. Presentation of sketches and folios

Course Objective/Aims

The course aims to:

  • Stimulate students’ awareness regarding the various forms of Art Exhibitions in view of other forms/types of display
  • Examine various art and design theories in order to develop students’ knowledge in Art related Exhibitions
  • Establish the relationships between the marketing principles and Art and design principles
  • Create awareness among students’ about Art Exhibition as a Design process based on planning strategies.
  • Examine Art work presentations in view of value added strategies in exhibition.
  • Evaluate Information based strategies and equip students’ with the various Art and design Exhibition promotional variables.
  • Examine various forms of space, price and perfume management in exhibition.
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