Course Description

Semester one of the third year student will involve a study of the painting techniques, methods, and the relationship of materials to pictorial expression, content analysis of style and concepts.

This course outline will in particular put emphasis on the use and practice of oil colour. Aspects of conduct, properties, techniques of expression vis-a-vis execution and application on particular surfaces will be investigated, observed and analysed.

The pre-requisite will be an earlier exposure of the student to IFA 2106; which involves the basic methods and materials of oil colour.

The objectives of the course will break up into the following course outline and units to be spread into a duration for 14 weeks respectively.

Course Objectives/Aims

  • Studio experimentation in the use of individual selected themes; oil colour, acrylique and mixed media; based on e.g social, cultural, political and philosophical, concerns, with emphasis to the design process or sketches; conceptualization of painterly ideas and message conveyance; techniques and individual expression.
  • Surfaces/surface manipulation

–               Use of grounds

–               Under coating different surfaces

–               Media’s of over painting

–               Techniques with materials and surfaces

  • Generation and development of themes and topics
  • Pictorial expression; content analysis; styles and concepts
  • Planning for large, medium and small size compositions on formats  planning for murals, frescoes, coloured reliefs and special approaches to sketching for the above
  • Focused practical use of painting VEHICLES with oil paint/acrylic vis-a-vis turpentine, parafine, spirits, linseed oil, varnishes, and binders.
  • There will be two in depth assessments of the pracicals done during the semester at 40%
  • A practical examination will be carried out of 60%
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