Duration: 4 years

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROGRAMME The primary focus of this programme is to produce entrepreneurship-oriented graduates who are capable of propping up new companies, out of the prototypes that they will have developed at the undergraduate level. This demands that the final year projects should benchmark world class standards, capable of leading to Computer Engineering and Information and Communication Technologies incubations. Educational Objectives The educational objectives of this programme are to:

  1. Produce graduates who are able to practice computer engineering to serve Uganda and the regional industries, government agencies, or national and international industries.
  2. Produce graduates with the necessary background and technical skills to work professionally in one or more of the following areas: computer hardware and software design, computerbased systems, computer network design, system integration, electronic design automation.
  3. Prepare graduates for personal and professional success with awareness and commitment to their ethical and social responsibilities, both as individuals and in team environments.
  4. Prepare graduates who are capable of entering and succeeding in an advanced degree program in a field such as engineering, science, or business.

GENERAL REGULATIONS Makerere University regulations pertaining to application, registration, examinations and awards shall apply. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Admission to First Year Admission into the first year is through any of the three avenues, the Direct Entry Scheme, the Mature Age Scheme and the Diploma Holders Scheme. The Direct Entry Scheme An applicant must have obtained two advanced level passes, one in Mathematics and one in Physics, at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent. For purposes of computing entry points, the advanced level subjects shall carry the following weights:

  • Weight 3 – Mathematics, Physics
  • Weight 2 – Best of Economics, Chemistry, or Technical Drawing
  • Weight 1 – General Paper
  • Weight 0.5 – Any other subject.

The Mature Age Entry Scheme Admission may also be via the Mature Age Entry Scheme, after the passing of two special mature age University Examinations, one in aptitude and the other in specialized knowledge. Diploma Holders’ Entry Scheme Holders of the Uganda National Examinations Board Ordinary Technical Diploma or its equivalent can be admitted to the programme. Applicants should have obtained a Credit Class diploma with at least a Credit Pass in Mathematics. You may download a detailed copy of the course outline below

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Curriculum Summary

Year: 1 Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Electronics I CMP1101 4
Computer Engineering Ethics CMP1102 3
Computer Literacy CSC1100 4
Engineering Mathematics I EMT1101 4
Information and Communications Technology EMT1102 4
Communication Skills TEC1101 3

Year: 1 Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Computer Programming Fundamentals CMP1201 4
Electronics II CMP1202 4
Computer Architecture and Organization CMP1203 4
Electricity and Magnetism ELE1201 4
Engineering Mathematics II EMT1201 4

Year: 1 Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Workshop Practice (Core Course) TEC1301 2

Year: 2 Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Software Engineering CMP2101 4
Electric Circuits and Signals CMP2102 4
Object Oriented Programming CMP2103 4
Engineering Mathematics III EMT2101 4
Sociology for Technology TEC2101 3

Year: 2 Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Discrete Mathematics and Random Processes CMP2201 4
Analysis and Design of Algorithms CMP2202 3
Digital Logic CMP2203 4
Operating Systems Technologies CMP2204 4
Computer Networks CMP2205 4

Year: 2 Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Industrial Training I (Core Course) CMP2301 2

Year: 3 Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Database Systems CMP3101 4
Computer Games Development (elective) CMP3103 4
Computer Based Medical Systems (elective) CMP3104 4
Electromagnetic Fields ELE3102 4
Applied Digital Electronics ELE3103 4
Applied Analogue Electronics (elective) ELE3104 4
Partial Differential Equations (elective) EMT3202 4

Year: 3 Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Embedded Systems CMP3201 4
Human Computer Interaction CMP3202 4
Computer Systems Maintenance CMP3203 4
Distributed Information Systems (elective) CMP3204 4
Intelligent Systems (elective) CMP3205 4
Safety Critical System (elective) CMP3206 4
Sustainable Energy Systems (elective) CMP3207 4

Year: 3 Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Industrial Training II (Core Course) CMP3301 2

Year: 4 Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Digital Signal Processing CMP4101 4
Instrumentation and Control Engineering CMP4102 4
Computer Systems and Network Security (elective) CMP4103 3
Digital Image and Video Processing (elective) CMP4104 3
Research Methods TEC4101 4
Principles of Management (elective) TEC4102 3

Year: 4 Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Project CMP4201 4
VLSI Systems Design CMP4202 4
Lasers and Photonics (elective) CMP4203 3
Wireless Technologies (elective) CMP4204 3
Audio and Speech Signal Processing (elective) CMP4205 3
Entrepreneurship TEC4201 4
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