Duration: 3 years

The main objective of the construction management undergraduate degree programme is to train highly skilled personnel knowledgeable in the management and control of the construction process, and optimum aggregation of construction resources including money, manpower, materials, machinery and methods of work.

The programme provides students enrolling with a sound theoretical and practical base to enable them facilitate the rational identification and utilization of resources in the construction industry. Graduates of this programme are expected to gain employment in both the private and public sector. The major input of the two programmes will be to train construction managers that will be absorbed in the public and private sectors in such areas as government ministries, local governments, other government departments and parastatals, construction firms, and private consultancies. Graduates may also employ themselves as contractors, consultants, researchers and entrepreneurs.

Further the programme cross‐pollinates existing departments within the Faculty of Technology such as the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture with construction management expertise.

Makerere University regulations pertaining to application, registration, examinations and awards shall apply.


Admission to First Year
Admission into the first year is through any of the three avenues, the Direct Entry Scheme, the Mature Age Scheme and the Diploma Holders Scheme.

The Direct Entry Scheme
For direct entry scheme, an applicant must obtain two advanced level passes, one in Mathematics and another in any other approved subject, at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent. For purposes of computing entry points, the advanced level subjects shall carry the following weights:

  • Weight 3 – Mathematics and one best done of Economics, Geography, Physics and Fine Art as Essential subjects.
  • Weight 2 – One best done of Chemistry, Technical Drawing, Economics, Geography, Physics and Fine Art as Relevant subjects.
  • Weight 1 – General Paper – as Desirable subject
  • Weight 0.5 – Any other subject as Other subjects.

The Mature Age Entry Scheme
Candidates may be admitted under the mature age entry scheme after passing two special mature University examinations in aptitude and specialized knowledge.

Diploma Holders Entry Scheme
Diploma entry scheme is available for holders of Uganda National Examinations Board Ordinary Diploma in Building Construction and Civil Engineering or its equivalent. Candidates should have credit class diploma and passed Mathematics, Building Construction and Drawing with at least credit four.

You may download a detailed copy of the course outline below

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Curriculum Summary

Year: 1
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Elements of Geotechnical Engineering CIV 1104 3
Geophysical Environment CMG1101 3
Building Science 1 CMG1102 4
Communication Skills CSK1101 4
Engineering Mathematics EMT1105 4

Year: 1
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Elements of Structural Analysis CIV1205 4
Financial Accounting CMG1201 4
Construction Management I CMG1202 4
Construction Drawing CMG1205 4
Business Law for Construction LAW1208 3
Construction Technology I QUS1201 4

Year: 1
Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Workshop Practice TEC1301 2

Year: 2
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Strength of Materials CIV2107 3
Construction Materials CMG2101 4
Construction Management II CMG2102 4
Labour Law for Construction LAW2102 3
Construction Technology II QUS2101 4
Sociology for Technology SOC2103 3

Year: 2
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Cost Engineering CMG2201 3
Measurement and Design Appraisal I CMG2202 4
Research Methods & Statistics CMG2203 3
Commercial Law for Construction LAW2206 3
Building Services QUS2202 3
Land Surveying for Construction SUV2206 3

Year: 2
Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Industrial Training CMG2301 2

Year: 3
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Construction Costing CMG3101 4
Measurement and Design Appraisal II CMG3102 4
Maintenance Management CMG3103 4
Professional Communication CMG3104 4
Elements of Highway Engineering CMG3105 4
Construction Technology III QUS3101 4

Year: 3
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Final Year Project CMG3201 5
Professional Practice, Procedure & Ethics CMG3202 3
Construction Marketing CMG3203 3
Entrepreneurship COE3202 4
Construction Contract Administration QUS3203 4

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