Electromagnetic  interactions  play a central role in determining  the structure  of the natural  world  and  are  the  c  of  most  current  and  emergent  technology, therefore a basic understanding of electricity and magnetism (E&M) is important. In E&M the student is quickly introduced to a world in which almost all of the quantities are invisible; they are either microscopic such as electrons or abstractions such as field, flux, and potential. Integral calculus becomes a central mathematical tool, and students are asked to apply it in unfamiliar ways, such as calculating the path integral or surface integral of a quantity expressed as a vector dot product. It is necessary for students to think and visualize in three dimensions.


  • This  course  aims  to  give  the  fundamentals  of  Electricity  and  Magnetism  by introducing the basic concepts and applications of vector calculus.
  • It aims to attach quantitative meaning to the previously qualitatively studied laws in this topic.
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