Course Description:

The course is intended to provide the student with an overview of the relevance of geodesy to surveying and mapping. The shape, structure and figure of the earth are discussed in detail with particular emphasis on the Earth’s gravity field. The student will also learn the importance of the model earth and computational methods on the ellipsoid.


Course Objectives:

This course aims to:

  1. Develop an understanding of the figure of the earth, its gravity field and the role gravity plays in surveying
  2. Discuss the geoid,its determination and the role of the geoid as a reference datum for heights
  3. Analyze the figure of the earth, its motion in space, and how these two fields can be determined from geometrical measurements of distances, bearings and heights.
  4. Appreciate the role coordinate systems play in surveying and mapping.
  5. Appreciate how the earth’s ellipsoid can be determined
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