Course Description

It is a core Technology subject in Mechanical Engineering Discipline. Mechanical Engineering degree Holders often come across various mechanisms in practice. He should be able to analyze, identify and interpret various mechanisms and machines in day-to-day life. In maintaining various machines, an engineer should have sound knowledge of fundamentals of machine and mechanism. It will be helpful to the engineer to understand the mechanisms from operational point of view in better way. This subject imparts the facts, concepts, principles, procedure, kinematics and dynamics involved in different machine elements and mechanisms like lever, gear, cam, follower, belt, flywheel, brake, dynamometer, clutch, etc. Detail knowledge of above-mentioned aspect with deep insight to the practical applications develops a professional confidence in them to become successful Engineer.


The objective of the course is to;

  • Know different machine elements and mechanisms.
  • Understand Kinematics and Dynamics of different machines and mechanisms.
  • Select Suitable Drives and Mechanisms for a particular application.
  • Appreciate concept of balancing and Vibration.
  • Develop ability to come up with innovative ideas.
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