Course description

The law protects everyone, including the Civil Engineering Surveyor and those with whom he/she deals in pursuance of his/her professional duties. The student learns to appreciate the law that protects him/her, and what his/her rights and duties are under the law. He/she will be guided as to how to conduct him/herself in court as a professional.


  • Surveys are conducted under contract, so he/she needs to know contract law Surveyors work in public places, so he/she needs to know the law of tort
  • Surveyors may work on private land and so needs to know his/her legal relationship with the land
  • owner and tenants, and anyone who has rights over the land Surveyors employ labour, so they need to know the labour laws
  • Surveyors work in companies or partnerships, so need to know the legalities of such establishments
  • Surveyors need to know the laws that govern Civil Engineering projects
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