MAF 7106 History Of Drawing

Course Description

In-depth investigation of the historical problems in drawing; concepts, styles and techniques in prehistoric drawing through the present are considered. Study based on the Paleolithic period, cave painters, the ancient Egyptians, the middle ages, renaissance and the present day drawing practices. The great drafts men distinguished professionals of drawing and their discoveries. Further investigation in drawing media and new developments in drawing technologies inform of tools, equipment and surfaces which are used to explore ideas and concepts in form of paintings, designs, illustrations, sculptures and other disciplines rather than simply as a means to occupy or record finished works of art.

Course Objectives

The course enables students to:

  • Learn the evolution of drawing as a practice and a discipline from the earliest recorded history, the Paleolithic period up to the present day.
  • Investigate critically some of the new concepts, styles and techniques used as to strengthen further research in drawing.
  • Provide a fertile ground for drawing research and to encourage students to learn and understand the old and new drawing discoveries in relation to their own studio practices.
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