Course Description

The course takes the learners through the history of fashion and costume, and the historical trends of fashion design from the 19th century to the present twenty-first century. It analyses how the social, economic and political structures have influenced over the years, the styles and meanings associated with dress, and fashion in the West and in Africa. The course also addresses how fashion interfaces with other artistic forms like painting, sculpture and architecture in the historical periods. The course examines fashion as a reflection upon, and an extension of one’s cultural identity how fashion designers have visually articulated and negotiated the cultural landscape across the globe to generate new concepts.

Course Objectives

The course will enable learners to:

  • 1. Analyse the historical trends of fashion in Africa and the non-African societies.
  • 2. Expose the learners to the cultural traditions of various societies in Africa and non-African societies as a fashion resource.
  • 3. Appreciate how fashion interfaces with other forms of artistic expression
  • 4. Demonstrate the factors which have contributed to the evolution of fashion design.
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