Biomedical Engineering students to get access to Duke University Online Resources

Students of Biomedical Engineering at Makerere University will get a chance to access online resources from Duke University in the US, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions.

This was agreed upon in a meeting on Thursday May 14, 2015. The delegation from Duke University was accompanied by a team from the College of Health Sciences led by the Acting Principal, Dr. Charles Ibingira. Biomedical Engineering is run jointly by CHS and CEDAT.

For the first two years, students do the bulk of their study at CEDAT then move to CHS for the last two years of study. Biomedical Engineering is a new course whose first cohort was enrolled in 2011.

Teaching the course has had some challenges which include staffing and lack of laboratories for biomedical engineering. Because the program in new in the country, it is also difficult to find these students internship placement. Library material for biomedical engineering is lacking and the CHS needs resources to set up a Fab-Lab.

To this end, the two colleges saw it fit to collaborate with institutions that have grown in the area of Biomedical Engineering.  CHS has collaborations with Uganda Heart Institute, Joint Medical research centre, Moi University and Nairobi University for purposes of internship training.

Duke University on the other hand will help Makerere University in the area of Curriculum review and access to material.  Others areas of collaboration will include;

  • Duke University will give the students access to the online library at Duke so that they access E-resources
  • Graduate students of Duke University will teleconference and teach the undergraduate students here.
  • Makerere Students will be given access to online introductory courses
  • Faculty exchange will also be done.
  • Duke University made an offer to send one of our students to China where they opened a university.  The student would take some courses in Biomedical Physics?

The delegation was received by the Deputy Principal, Dr Venny Nakazibwe who welcomed the collaboration as one that would go a long way in improving the quality of students we have.

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