The World Bank is about to call for proposals on developing African Centres of Excellence (ACEs). The Support totalling USD 150 m is directed towards funding ACEs with emphasis on the following;

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics): Energy, Value addition, Infrastructure, Urban Design and Construction, ICT, Product Design and manufacturing, Disaster analysis and Management, Water purification etc.
  • HEALTH Science Technology and Innovation
  • QUALITY Education
  • APPLIED Statistics

ACEs will be identified through a competitive process. 10 countries in East and Southern Africa will participate, Uganda inclusive.

ACEs will have two components:

  1. Establish and strengthen ACEs
  2. Regional Activities to enhance post graduate Training and Research. These will be conducted through benchmarked programmes. These will include Curriculum development, networking and fellowships to enhance mobility.

Each ACE will access funds to the tune of about 2 to 6 m USD.  The proposals should focus on a specific development challenge that will have a wide Impact when addressed.

We were informed about the following timelines:

Activity Deadline
Regional Steering Committee meeting April 2015
In-country workshops June 2015
Call for proposals July 2015
Submission of proposals September 2015
Selection of ACEs October 2015
Appraisal of selected ACEs November 2015
World Bank Board approval March 2016

Those writing proposals were advised to consider the following:

  • Start with a vision
  • Adjust the production line
  • Upgrading faculty and system
  • Bring in partners and support
  • Sort out legal framework and Management
  • Think about sustainability
  • Consider the national priorities such as Vision 2040 and the NDP.

We were advised to check on how ACE I (which was for Central and Western Africa) was handled. Check:

We urge you to look at and seriously consider participating

Henry Alinaitwe,

Principal, CEDAT


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