On Monday 7th April 2014, CWRC organised a seminar for Fourth Year Electrical, Telecommunications and Computer Engineering students. The seminar was entitled “Final Year Project Guidance” and the objective was to enlighten the importance of Final year project to the students and how they can carry them out for a larger goal than just for marks. The message was that this work is more than a fourth year project and can be built upon for more than simply marks.

The seminar was attended by 88 students and three presenters attended to the students. The seminar which started at 2:00 pm with an expectation to end at 4:00pm, went on up to 5:30 pm because of the so many questions asked by the students who were curious of the potential benefits of the final year projects. The three seminar presenters are highlighted below.

Mr. Cosmas Mwikirize ILabs Coordinator and Coordinator of the Uganda National Robotics Challenge
Mr. Mark Kagarura CWRC MSc Student researching spectrum occupancy. Publication “Evaluation of Spectrum Occupancy, A Case for Cognitive Radio in Uganda” accessible from IEEE Online.
Mr. Gerald Budigiri CWRC Research Assistant. Research on cooperative spectrum sensing to be presented/published at ITU Kaleidoscope, “The Case for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Femtocell Networks to solve the Hidden Node Problem”. It will also be accessible from IEEE Online

Mr. Mwikirize also shared experiences about other fourth year students that had developed successful projects that were more than a fourth year project. All the projects have been developed into innovations that have received international acclaim.

Brainshare App by Charles Muhindo
Brainshare App by Charles Muhindo
Matatu Game by Terry Karungi's Kola Studios
Matatu Game by Terry Karungi’s Kola Studios
Cypher 256 App by Aaron Tushabe and Joshua Okello
Cypher 256 App by Aaron Tushabe and Joshua Okello
Matibabu by Simon Lubambo
Matibabu by Simon Lubambo

About the CWRC
The Community Wireless Resource Centre (CWRC) is an initiative established in 2006 under the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Makerere University. The general objective of the CWRC is to provide or enhance sustainable Internet connectivity infrastructure particularly in rural or underserved areas in Uganda, by means of wireless technology. In particular, the CWRC seeks to build on the quality of expertise available by collaborations and engaging in new fields of research such as Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technologies – which are  increasingly becoming crucial in wireless communications.

Within the Department, the CWRC’s research activities include supervision, mentoring and training of undergraduate and graduate students. This seminar was hosted as a mentoring event with the generous support from the Presidential Initiative Grant to CWRC.


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