Dr Kirumira Rose Namubiru’s solo exhibition opens

Dr. Kirumira explains an art work to the High Commissioner
Dr. Kirumira explains an art work to the High Commissioner

The High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago, H.E Patrick Edwards, has appreciated the work of Art and Creativity by Dr. Rose Namubiru Kirumira, an internationally renowned sculptor and a lecturer at Margaret Trowell School Industrial and Fine Art, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT).

This was during the opening of the solo exhibition held on April 10th 2014 at the Makerere University Art Gallery. The exhibition under the theme, “Archives-Tradition and Artistic inspiration” aimed at creating awareness about Uganda’s material culture and taking part in the discussion of collective nationalism and its relevance.

The exhibition was attended by different people from various sectors and among which included; former Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, Professor Livingstone Luboobi, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs), Dr. Ernest Okello Ogwang, Principal-CEDAT, Dr. Henry Alinaitwe, the Dean, Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts,  Dr. Venny Nakazibwe, Principal, College of Humanities and Social Sciences and other dignitaries.

In his speech the Ambassador congratulated Dr. Namubiru Kirumira whom he referred to as the “Pioneer” of Art and Creativity at Makerere for the interests and efforts she has put in to bring out the role of the artists, which to him is critical in maintaining the past and the present.

“Artists have made a desirable role in developing the society through recording the history for the new generation,” said the High Commissioner.

The Dean, MTSIFA, Dr Venny Nakazibwe thanked Dr Kirumira for sharing her creativity with the university.

“It’s a tradition that at the beginning of the year all academic staff showcase their research output and it’s a great honour to witness Dr Namubiru’s exhibition today. The subject of her study is material culture,” Dr Nakazibwe said.

“There is need to celebrate our culture and where we come from. Dr Namubiru Kirumira has done this very well. She has realized that much of our material culture is biodegradable.  This is why Rose uses mahogany to be able to conserve this history. “You have given us a reference point, to know where we are coming from but to also know where we are going.”

The Principal-CEDAT welcomed the dignitaries to the exhibition, congratulated Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art (MITSFA) for being a centre of excellence in art and design, and expressed joy upon the merger of the two former faculties.  “We hope we will grow with this kind of collaboration,” he said.

The principal congratulated Dr Rose Kirumira upon the beautiful pieces of work on display.

DSC00718-1000Representing the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ernst Okello Ogwang  who is the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs said the marriage between MTSIFA and the former Faculty of Technology is a manifestation that the sciences and Arts are not worlds apart.

“People should not say that there is a divide because Universities are about knowledge, intelligence, exploring all those areas of knowledge that tap into the past and bring them into the present in order to project the future,” Dr Ogwang said.

The VC in a speech read for him by Dr Ogwang, described Dr Rose Kirumira’s work as a  selection of some of Uganda’s ethnic groups’ artifacts. He said her work presents an opportunity to inspire other artists and to convince government to invest in the preservation of our heritage through increased support to Makerere University as a lead institution of Higher Learning in Uganda and in the region.

According to Dr.Namubiru Kirumira, the solo exhibition of sculptures provided a retrospective of her artistic trajectory basing on social norms and traditions without neglecting the past and also focusing on the present.

“Art is not all about interest but also focus and ideology.” Dr. Kirumira emphasized

Dr. Namubiru Kirumira added that she has engaged in different concepts, patterns and techniques from among the different cultures including Kigezi, Buganda, Ankole and Karamoja to bring out the in word meaning of Art and Design in craft and sculpture.

As a senior lecturer at the school of Industrial and Fine Art, Makerere University. She encouraged the young generation to rise the pride of Art basing on the traditions and culture.

“I would like to encourage my students not only to observe but also understand the experience of the material culture of a society as they build the spirit of nationalism.” Dr. Namubiru Kirumira remarked

The former Makerere University Vice  Chancellor, Professor Livingstone Luboobi acknowledged the point of reference Dr. Namubiru kirumira gave the people to know where they are coming from.

“Rose has graced us with every beautiful work of Art and therefore she presents an opportunity to inspire other students and the government to invest in Art and Design.” Professor Luboobi observed. Dr Kirumira Rose has established herself as one of the best sculptor in East Africa

The exhibition will run from 10th April 2014 to 6th May 2014.

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By Proscovia Nabatte and Betty Kyakuwa


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