The ilabs Project on Saturday September 21, 2013 successfully held this year’s central robotics challenge, which saw Makerere College School winning and qualifying for the grand challenge to be held on October 12th.

Students of SMACK making a presentation of their Rapid Response Fire Brigade Car

The challenge, held under the theme “Nurturing Innovation through Science and Technology” saw six secondary schools participate. They include Gayaza High which came 6th, Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga in 5th position, Namilyango College, 4th, St. Mary’s College Kisubi, 3rd and Kings College Buddo, in 2nd position.

Makerere College, SMACK and Buddo will be participating in the grand challenge along with other schools from Northern and Western region. The students also participated in a mobile quiz which was won by King’s College Buddo.

The Ag. Principal of the College, Dr Henry Alinaitwe, commended the Ilabs team, headed by Prof. Tickodri-Togboa and Mr Cosmas Mwikirize for taking time to reach out to the young generation and inspiring them to be innovative. The robotics challenge is used to nurture the young innovators for Uganda’s development.

The challenge gives students a chance to examine societal problems and come up with solutions in form of robots.

The Principal Investigator of iLabs, Prof. Tickodri-Togboa, appealed to secondary schools to buy equipment to be used during the training so that the iLabs team can reach out to more schools. When the team started its outreach program in 2011, only two schools participated. Last year the number grew to 12 while this year 18 schools are taking part in the challenge. The iLabs team plans on extending the training and competition to the eastern region next year.

“Our goal is to dispel the notion that Africans do not contribute to development of science and technology. We are providing a platform for the young and inspiring scientists to showcase their innovativeness,” Prof. Tickodri said.

The Chancellor, Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera, who was the chief guest thanked the college for this initiative insisting that sciences are not as difficult to pass as presumed. “When I see young men and women being innovative, I am pleased. I wish this is spread to the entire country. We shall create a critical mass of thinkers and innovators for Uganda,” he said.

He pointed out that project based learning in secondary schools inspires young people to be innovative and pursue science and technology courses.

“There is no way this country will compete with the developed world unless we have a critical mass of thinkers and innovators,” he emphasised.

The Chancellor encouraged the students to be disciplined.


The projects /Robots made

 St. Mary’s College Kisubi

  • Rapid Response Fire Brigade Car
  • Hydra 256: A water harvesting and treatment tank

Gayaza High School

  • ATM monitoring Machine
  • Water conservation machine

Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga

  • A conveyor belt
  • A smart voting booth

Namilyango College

  • Security system
  • Traffic lights system

Kings College Buddo

  • A smart seed planter
  • A paper gluing machine

Makerere College School

  • Smart Rubbish truck
  • A smart Lavatory

More pictures of the Robotics Challenge in our Gallery


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