Students to monitor delivery of lectures

The college administration, yesterday, September 16th, kick-started the process of monitoring and evaluation of delivery of lecturers. The exercise will be carried out by the students.

This process will help management in evaluation and ensuring that students get the required lecturers and knowledge.

Management used the same meeting to interact with the students and register their complaints. These complaints included low staffing in some departments which has resulted in students going without lecturers for half the semester or failure to attend/ conduct laboratory practice, hygiene, the state of some classes and the big numbers of students in certain programmes.

The students complained of the recently ended recess term, with many saying they had not got sufficient training during this period. Others said they had not been supervised by the lecturers assigned to them.

There was also concern that some lecturers do not lecturer for the first 4 weeks of the semester while others teach for one hour a week instead of the two assigned hours.

The Principal promised to address their grievances but also told them of the staffing challenges that the college is experiencing. He also appealed to the lecturers to regularly lecturer their students because they are the reason we are all here; to serve them.  He called on the HoDs and the Deans to monitor internship supervision so that all the students are supervised.