tusiime mathiasMy name is Tusiime Mathias; I work as a studio cleaner at the school of industrial and Fine art. I started really painting in 1999 at this school where I gained skills and knowledge in oil and acrylic painting and then as an artist, Researcher and innovator  added making craft paper as means of getting cheap material and generating financial income and this paper, I hope can be one of a kind in Uganda and if not in the whole world.

I am a self taught painter and paper maker and have learnt everything I know as an artist from working with students and their professors. I paint stories of activities that happen in the politics and ways of the communities in the towns and village where I live. This has enabled me to develop my style which I am proud to say is unique and has made it possible for me to exhibit in the University of Florida Art  gallery, Makerere University Art Gallery, Alliace franchise Kampala, UGCS Kampala ,Empire state Building NY USA, Mass collage of Art and Design, Boston, Shadravan Art Gallery,CA Howard University Department of African Studies and Howard University Art Department Washington DC USA, Exhibited at electronic maid community exchange ,268carrol street NW Takoma park Washington Dc USA also have exhibited in Netherlands www.artfor devolepmement.nl

I participated in the Vilje Til Forandring-Samtidskunst Fra Stafrika-Denmark 2008 Danmark.

As an Innovater I was invited to represent Uganda in Twelve African countries at National Museum of Kenya 2012 for Artists who makes paper and works on Paper.

I got an award in 2008, a medal award from china was awarded the Olympic Uganda Committee; my work was  selected to make the cover of minstrel magazine of kings Collage New York 2011.

I coordinated the Arts in Health care workshop at Makerere University  2012

I as well facilitated and Volunteered in the Art Therapy in Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) Clinic Mulago. My work have been used to support Art therapy programs at IDI clinic at Mulago through a  fifty percent from sales goes to Artist then fifty supports the program.

I was one of the organizers of Arts in Medicine conference held at Makerere university 2013

I attended summer intensive at the university of Florida July 2013 was a warded presented   my artistic experiences in Uganda to the students of University of Florida as well  as  Exhibiting my art works in the University of Florida art gallery, whereby I was awarded Gaters award.

I did presentation at North Eastern University -Boston   African American Master Artist in    Residency  –  this was co- ordinate by Peter Meyer  and Jackie Mcruth  I also did a one day  workshop at south end se ttlement Art Children Centre in Boston.

I have as well had an Art exhibition at Shadravan Art Gallery California Oakland organized­ by the Uganda Art Consortium and in May 2012 I  had a show in London Bonham

I was awarded best Artist in  Residence  at Apexart New York City  January to February 2014.

Currently i am a volunteer at  Bless the child Foundation of children living with Cancer and the organization is located in Kampala along Sir Apollo Kaggwa Raod.

I am the founder and the Director of Uganda community Art skill Development and recycling (UCASDR) this program links Art and Craft to environmental concern recycling skills Development and innovation  in Uganda as well as health concern issues. For further information please visit our blog on: http//tusiimemathias.blogspot.com

Our vision is to develop and build Regional skills development and innovation centers that will provide basic skills to unprivileged people in the community.

The UCASDR project major goal is to promote Innovation/ Creative skills, Environmental Sustainability, Rehabilitation and Therapy within Communities in Uganda.

Research and innovation

An example of backcloth paper

The discovery /innovation of backcloth paper by Tusiime Mathias offers alternative for paper in education rather than the predominant warmth cover. This value addition on backcloth will help  students who need where to write in the face of costly imported  materials.

As an Artist, paper maker and researcher, the discovery of making paper from tree bark shows  that there are many products can be  produced from tree bark if the project is funded. People will be encouraged to plant more back tree as raw material for other products rather than buying the imported ones and will help to protect the environment.



Skill Development and Innovation:  A project of Ucasdr

University of Florida students Volunteer with Ucasdr. For more details visit: http://tusiimemathias.blogspot.com










Art Therapy Workshops Organized

pic12Tusiime Mathias has organized workshops to provide therapy to those that need it through teaching them what he knows and loves best: art. Mathias has so far organized a workshop for children living with cancer at Bless the child foundation and is in the process of organizing more of these theraputic workshops for children.

He has also organized a craft shoe workshop, whose aim is to enable community  gain skills of  designing  simple shoes for the low income earner in the Grass root community. The shoe workshop also helps recycle old shoes, thereby reducing on harmful non-bio-degradable rubber in the community. The hope is that with these skills, people will have employment created for themselves, and the shoes created will reduce  on the dangers of bruised feet, cuts from sharp objects and other infections that may arise from stepping in dirty / unsanitary areas.

At the end of the day, this helps children stir up their imagination and become creative  and innovative at a very early age. Again this will help them attain self sufficiency, financial  independence and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

For more pictures of these community projects, please visit http://tusiimemathias.blogspot.com




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