To be able to sit University examinations a student is required to have registered and obtained a cleared examination permit which has a photo on it. For a student’s photo to reflect on the examination permit, they must have registered and taken a photo with the Identity card section of the University.

We are already in the process of printing examination permits and we have noted that a good number of students have not taken photos and as such their examination permits do not have photos on them. Consequently such permits cannot be printed and the affected students cannot access University examinations.

The purpose of this communication therefore is to request all first year students to visit the ID office in Senate Building Ground Floor and have their photos taken as soon as possible but not later than Friday 9th December 2011. We shall start issuing exam permits on Monday 12th December 2011 and only those who have registered and taken photos will have their examination permits printed and issued. This also serves to remind those who have not yet registered that they will not be able to access University examinations unless they are bonafide students of the University.

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