An Empirical Investigation of GIS Interoperability Best Practices In Industry

Title:An Empirical Investigation of GIS Interoperability Best Practices In Industry
Publication TypePriprint
Year of Publication2018
Authors:Allan Mazimwe, Imed Hammouda, Anthony Gidudu
Keywords:re-usability; patterns; interoperability; geographic information systems
JournalFront. Sustain. Food Syst
Abstract:Reuse of patterns is a self-evident approach for managing interoperability concerns. Although patterns for resolving interoperability barriers exist in the literature, no study exists on adoption of interoperability patterns by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) practitioners in industry. Thus there is limited understanding of pattern re-usability, yet the advantages offered by interoperability patterns provide a reasonably sound justification for their usage. This paper examines the adoption of proven interoperability best practices in the GIS industry. An empirical study that involved the use of semi-structured interviews was employed to gather data from GIS developers on domain interoperability best practices. Results indicated that industry and communities of practice have been converging on the technical level to ensure interoperability of GIS concerns. Semantic interoperability and related patterns are least understood, yet semantic barriers still exist. This is partly due to the complexity associated with the top-down approach used to develop semantic interoperability solutions. Therefore, this study proposes research into resolving barriers in the adoption of interoperability patterns that reduce complexity while solving semantic interoperability barriers.