Henry Alinaitwe: Efficiency of craftsmen on building sites – Studies in Uganda


Many researchers have of recent been concerned about low and in some cases declining labour productivity in the construction industry. Some have gone to question whether labour is efficiently utilized. This paper reports on a survey carried out on building craftsmen to find out how efficiently they utilize the time available to them for building activities on site. It involved taking observations from 150 craftsmen from 52 building sites and 45 contractors. In all 37500 usable observations were made. The study found that the craftsmen use about 20 percent of the available time for making the buildings grow. The statistics obtained comparable with what was found in other countries. It was found out that building construction craftsmen spend about 33 percent of the time on non-value adding activities. Research should be directed to reducing the non-value adding activities on sites.

Keywords: Activity Sampling, Craftsmen, Building Sites, Efficiency, Productivity


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