Title: Research on the State of Business Incubation Systems in Different Countries: Lessons for Uganda
Authors: Joshua Mutambi, Joseph K. Byaruhanga, Lena Trojer, and Kariko B. Buhwezi
Keywords: Business Incubation Systems, SMEs, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Development, Least Developed Countries, LDCs, Sub-Saharan Africa
Issue Date: 2010

Small and Medium sized enterprises have proven to be capable of catalyzing national economies owing to their high growth potential, their role in promoting innovations, employment creation and economic development. However, in the early days of their growth period, these firms face difficulties that may lead to their failure. Business incubation has been identified as an effective growth mechanism for such entrepreneurial firms. This paper mainly looked at the concept and description of business incubation, development process and contribution of incubators to start­up firms. It examined the impact to regional entrepreneurship and economic development globally. The paper concluded by highlighting the existing incubators in Uganda and identified recommendations for strengthening the business incubation in Uganda.

Published in: African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, Vol.2, No.2, pp. 190 – 214.


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