Kariko B. Buhwezi


Title: Research on the State of Business Incubation Systems in Different Countries: Lessons for Uganda Authors: Joshua Mutambi, Joseph K. Byaruhanga, Lena Trojer, and Kariko B. Buhwezi Keywords: Business Incubation Systems, SMEs, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Development, Least Developed Countries, LDCs, Sub-Saharan Africa Issue Date: 2010 Abstract: Small and Medium sized enterprises have proven to be capable...
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Title: Transferring Best Practices for Uganda Technological Innovation and Sustainable Growth Authors: Mutambi, J., Byaruhanga, J. K., Buhwezi, B. K., Trojer , L. and Lating, P. O. Keywords: Business Incubation, Innovation Indicators, Research and Development Indicators, Triple Helix, Uganda Issue Date: January 2011 Abstract: Uganda, like many other African countries has not been developing primary...
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