Course Description

Introduction to basic mass production methods and techniques in ceramics (studio and industrial) mould making and casting, the basic principles of throwing with emphasis upon the use of potters’ wheel, its structure, repair and maintenance. Aspects of kiln construction in production of low, medium and high fired ceramics.

Course Objectives/Aims

  • To provide an understanding of the wide scope of ceramics practice both as aput on mass production. studio and industrial; descriptive emphasis will be
  • To introduce within students an understanding of the process of ceramics studio and industrial production namely; Throwing on a potter’s wheel and casting with plaster of Paris moulds.
  • To be able to take forward and directly apply basic taught principles in ceramics practice in an imaginative and personal way.
  • To expose students to the basic mechanical maintenance of the potter,s wheel machine and the Kiln construction for varying firing temperatures.
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