IFA 1214 Introduction To Oil Painting

Course Description

This is an introduction course to oil painting and is based on the exploration of the fundamental principles, techniques and methods of oil painting using various dictated and individual subject(s). The course is divided into the following topics. Introduction to oil colour study. The experience of colour awareness, use of oil, oil colour, harmony/effects.

Painting from secondary sources. Studying coloured fabrics and using them as sources of inspirations for oil painting, studying old newspapers and drawing inspiration from them (integration of image and text for painterly ideas).

Working in oils using different tools (without brushes): pallet, knives, fingers, etc.

Prerequisite: IFA 1106

Course objectives This course is intended to:

  • Help students understand the properties of oil medium in painting.
  • Help students appreciate their surrounding environment as a domain of inspiration for painterly ideas.
  • Assist students develop individual painting style and self expression using oil colours.
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