Course Description

The meaning of business, nature, purpose of business The dynamics of business and economics; ethics and social responsibility; local and international business; quality and competitiveness; human resources; administration function in business, marketing; financing enterprises. Setting and management of small and medium enterprises.

This course aims at instilling the trainees with the basic knowledge and skills that are essential for generating business ideas, formulating, starting and managing an enterprise and thus be able to create self-employment as a career.

The aim of this training package is basically to preparing individuals to take self-employment as an alternative to making life affordable and meaningful to its owner by creating awareness as well as providing business management skills that respond to the needs of Ugandans specifically the starters and managers of micro and small-enterprises.


The specific objectives of this training are;

  • To equip trainees with knowledge, skills as well as the exposure required in identifying and defining business opportunities, generating and selecting business ideas, starting and managing a venture,
  • To provide trainees with the opportunity for creative thinking towards utilizing their talents and other natural resources, knowledge and skills in a productive and profitable manner,
  • To develop attitude of self -employment.

To enable trainees building a business network among themselves and those already in business

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